T’Coy Adams

Position: (he/him/his)

Although I love my friends and family members, I am an introvert and have always been considered a loner. Even as a child, I needed much less social interaction with other children to be satisfied. I no longer see this characteristic as a flaw because it’s my most authentic expression of self and is nothing to be ashamed of. When I was in some of the darkest places in my life, my love and talent for poetry was born. I am able to effortlessly translate my feelings, thoughts and emotions into writing in ways that aren’t always easy to articulate verbally. Cooking is a skill that I learned earlier in life than a lot of other children. Throughout the earlier years of my life, I was always in the kitchen with an adult when I could be. I was always in the kitchen learning and absorbing knowledge, whether it be with my mom, grandma, an aunt, uncle, etc. My skills and knowledge in the kitchen not only grew but also came in handy as I became older. I believe the truth tends to be much stranger than fiction. I enjoy looking into conspiracy theories and questioning reality as I’ve always known it to be. I have much more lived-experience and things about myself to share, but I would be writing all day! I am a Youth Action Researcher with YouthNPower.

Why is this project important to you? 
I care about my input and lived experience being heard because I know there is a child living through the same things I have experienced once before. If sharing part of my life perspective can garner more understanding for current youth going through the same or similar experiences, that’s my main goal.

What are your hopes and dreams for this project?
My hopes and dreams for this project are that even after my role in it ends, the project has longevity and can serve those who it’s intended to help. Realistically, it’s not necessarily about me and what I can personally gain from it. I have hopes that my contributions to the project will allow those like me to be served better in the future.

What have been some of your experiences in the project?
Being a part of a team with a non-toxic work environment has been a breath of fresh air for me. There’s been overwhelming support in this project from everyone who is part of the team. We’ve had some tough but equally productive and respectful conversations in the work. I admire everyone’s ability to always recalibrate and remember what this is all for.

What are your hopes and dreams for other young people?
My hopes and dreams for other people is that they keep persevering through whatever adversity life may be challenging them with. I also hope that these young people have support and resources to turn to if/when they need it.

T’Coy’s Favorite Things:
Color: Gold
Animal: Mythological – The Phoenix
Hobby: Writing poetry, cooking, conspiracy theories
Food: I’m a foodie, but my taste in food is picky and can change from season to season or from year to year.
Beverage: Herbal tea
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius