Shania Benjamin

Position: (she/her/hers)

Hello, my name is Shania Benjamin and I am on the YouthNPower survey committee. I am a Youth Action Organizer. I am empathic, caring, and an avid drama, mystery, and romance reader. I love combat sports, playing tennis and badminton, writing stories, and napping. I love doing research and having counseling sessions with friends. I’m obsessed with pop culture.

Why is this project important to you?
This project is important to me because we are in a time where young people are becoming their own mouthpieces and standing up for themselves and others. I knew very little about foster care coming into this project, and hearing my coworkers’ stories has widened my ideas about the system. It is harmful and misguided. The system creates the fabrication that it is the best option for children. I am proud to be a part of this project and help uplift the voices of other young people and hopefully create change so others don’t have to go through similar hardships.

What are your hopes and dreams for this project?
I want more legal rights for children in foster care. I want there to be rallies and meetings with lawmakers like the Governor and Mayor to give support to our cause.

What are your hopes and dreams for other young people?
I want everyone to feel the power in this work and feel great about what we are doing. It is in the beginning stages so it is very meticulous but once we get it right, it will become revolutionary.

Shania’s Favorite Things:
Color: Light Blue
Animal: Snake
Hobby: Hiking or Playing Tennis
Food: Chicken Gyro
Beverage: Sparking Water with Lemon
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Author: Talia Hibbert
Current Favorite Book: searching for it but the last book I read that I loved was A Marriage Story
Flower: Sunflower (because I love the way Billy Porter says it in Pose)