Grace Tatom

Position: (she/her/hers)

Hello, my name is Grace Tatom and I am a Youth Action Organizer with YouthNPower. I love reading, and learning new skills, and my creativity can get carried away sometimes to where I’m brainstorming a million things. I love just being joyful with my family and friends, and I can definitely set the tone for good, positive vibes!

Growing up in the child welfare system, I experienced connectedness and disconnectedness with others and myself. For youth, it’s important to know that being in the system doesn’t define them. It’s okay to speak up and their voice is important. Their voice is needed and crucial; every single youth has a purpose and with the right support, environment and opportunities there’s nothing that they won’t be able to do. Together as a community change can be created.

Why is this project important to you?
I believe the work we’re doing is important and would be healing to our communities. I’m finding my purpose and helping others, learning and creating great connections.

What do you hope to accomplish in this project?
I hope to help establish the support and resources our youth need. I want to create a community where youth feel heard, supported and in control of their life.

What have been some of your experiences in this project?
I enjoy listening,sharing, learning and connecting with others. I’m open and understanding to the process that’s happening and becoming more self aware as we go along our journey. I enjoy committing to something that I’m passionate about with others who share the same passion and vision.

What are your hopes and dreams for other young people in this project?
I hope for the youth to not have to go through similar challenges and issues.  I want to bring awareness and change, and for them to have the resources and opportunities they need. Young people deserve to have their environment setup for success and their empowerment internalized. I want them to have a reminder that they are in control and power of their life.

Grace’s Favorite Things:
Favorite anime: Naruto
Holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas
Hobby: Listening to music; reading, cooking; writing
Sport: Basketball
Author: Brene Brown and James Patterson